Warhammer 40.000 : Freeblade

Role: Game programmer

Duration: Early 2015 – Mid 2017


  • Units gameplay implementation
  • Core gameplay mechanics
  • Asynchronous Multiplayer mode
  • Procedural environments
  • Event System
  • Gacha System
  • Character Customisation
  • Server backend feature development to support metagame
  • Tutorial system
  • Porting to Android, Windows 10, Facebook Gameroom.

Warhammer 40.000 : Freeblade is a Third person on-rail shooter set in the futuristic world Games Workshop created. The player controls multiple weapons on the “Imperial Knight” war machine, they progress through a light story set in multiple different environments of the warhammer universe by shooting through the hordes of orks, chaos marines, and much bigger boss enemies. When coming in close distance with a boss a melee mechanic starts, where the player has to precisely time their impact hit, to deal fatal damage. Each mission can be played as a score attack mode, with different objectives, and leaderboards, offering a lot of replayability.

Imperial knights can be upgraded both visually and in their loadouts such as improved armors, and a variety of different weapons, each offering different playstyles. It’s not rare to shoot a double battlecannon at a tank, whilst missiles fly from the top of the knight at orks in their warbuggies causing mayhem.

I was involved quite early on, and had the opportunity to implement each enemy unit and vehicle’s gameplay as well as implementing the asynchronous multiplayer mode, procedural environment missions, a server based event system with custom global missions, leaderboards, rewards, etc.

After the wide success of the title on iOS , we ported it to Android, Windows 10 and Facebook gameroom. I had a large part in bringing those ports to life.

iOS: AppStore – Android: Play Store – Windows: Store – Facebook : Gameroom