The Pumpkin Knights and the Candy Skulls

Role:  Programmer & Design

Duration: October 2013


  • Gameplay implementation

The Pumpkin Knights and the Candy Skulls is the first game I worked on during my Masters degree in Game Development at Gamercamp, Birmingham City University.

The game was developed in C++ with Cocos2D-X for PC with a team of two programmers and two artists, during two weeks.

My role in the team was mainly programming the gameplay mechanics like the enemy waves and moving patterns, handling the shooting part of the game, involving resource management

and collision detection. I also worked closely with the artists on the implementation of animations and a parallax effect.

The game is based on the space invader gameplay mechanics but sideways and with a Halloween theme.

You are playing as the little girl on the left side of the screen, and can to move up and down while shooting the enemies that are coming in zig-zag towards you. The player can hide behind the friendly jack o lantern-knights for a while when if the situation becomes too dangerous.