Sonic Dash

Role: Graduate Game Programmer

Duration: Late 2016 – Early 2017


  • Dynamic festive event System
  • Windows 10 Port
  • Landscape mode support
  • SDK upgrade
  • Various bugfixing

Sonic Dash is one of the most successful & popular mobile games, with over 250 million downloads.

In this infinite runner featuring SEGA’s iconic Sonic character and his friends, the player must use their reflexes to reach the furthest possible distance whilst avoiding all sorts of enemies, traps and walls.

When I joined Pixel Toys, we were doing contract work for Sega Hardlight, and I was able to help out on various game quality improvement tasks as well as implementing the landscape mode that fit well with the new port we were completing for the Windows 10 platform. Later I laid the foundation of a dynamic event system, which would download themed assets through asset bundles, and introduce collectibles along the track, to unlock a new character. This was later used with the Angry bird cross over update.

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