#1GAM March entry

So I discovered  a new challenge on the interwebs, its organised by @McFunkypants and has a website here: http://www.onegameamonth.com/

Basically the challenge is to make one game every month during one year. They give an optional theme if the participants can”t find one on their own.

I like the idea of fast prototyping little games every month to learn new techniques and take a little break from my other projects.

As i’m working on bigger games too, I’m not sure I’ll devote that much time for the challenge every month, but i’ll participate when I want to =) .

This month I started (quite late) working on a game  about colors, and how they matter/are powerful. My first test looked like this:

It looked very clean, you could draw some cool things with it, but as you might have seen (did you?) there are no colors =P.

I started playing with colors, to obtain something like this:

#1GAM March Evolution

The exercise was going quite well, I think.  It’s about that time that I started to think about a meaning in my game.

The game plot would not so much be about resisting waves of enemies coming to us, but more an evolution of the player discovering colors and realizing that he could use them to make the world more colorful.

I still have one week the time to finish to game, as it’s a simple game, I will try to finish it, it doesn’t need much work anymore. Everyone says finishing a game is the hardest part of game development, and that’s what I will do!