Code & Design – C++, PhyreEngine – January 2014 – August 2014

This PlayStation 4 and PSVita project is the third game I worked on as part of my Masters in Video-Game Development at Gamercamp, Birmingham City University

We worked in a team of around 15 people divided between programmers, artists and producers to produce a new IP together with Sony London Studio’s.

The duration of the project was 8 months, which gave us enough time to learn to use PhyreEngine, make our own framework and produce a good quality vertical slice

I was given the role of Lead gameplay programmer thanks to my experience in gameplay programming during previous projects and my ability to understand and manage large pieces of code architecture designs. I worked closely with the gameplay programmers in the team about their current task to see if their design was valid and if we could make improvements on it together.

My main focus programming wise, was the main character movements, moving platforms, the event system and the renderer.