My name is Quentin Warnant,

I’m a Senior Video-Game Programmer at Sumo Digital . I’ve recently joined the brand new Mobile studio in Leamington Spa and am excited to see what this new adventure brings!

Previously, I’ve worked on commercial titles such as Sonic Dash, Warhammer 40K: Freeblade, Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War and Drop Dead, across platforms such as iOS, Android, Oculus Rift/GearVR, Windows Store whilst working at Pixel Toys, between September 2014 – June 2019.

I am passionate about analysing problems, breaking them down and finding solutions. I have a strong interest in gameplay and graphics programming and above all, making exciting games!

I have worked on a number of projects, both by myself and within teams in a professional or hobby environment, often part of game jams.

My main skillsets are based around Unity3D & C# development as well as Graphics programming. I also have experience with C++, Javascript, NoSQL, MySQL, ActionScript3, etc.

In 2014 I completed a Master’s degree in Video Game Development with Distinction, at the Gamer Camp course at Birmingham City University, UK.

In 2013 I completed a Bachelor’s degree with Distinction (1st) in Computer Science – with an option in multi-media, at the Erasmus Hogeschool, Brussel, Belgium.

I also have an artistic background, having studied at art school prior to my Bachelor’s degree, where I specialised in architecture and design.

I’m originally from Belgium, and have migrated to the UK to seek an education and to pursue my dream of working in the video game industry as a programmer.