Procedural trees – Rainbow edition


AddedGravity blue 6This is a series of procedural tree generation experiements I played around with for about a week .

It was an interesting experiment based on very simple shapes, each mesh is simply a rectangle being spawned and stretched according to a few rules of propagation.
green orange

After a while I noticed that the branches were not really dropping enough, so I added a concept of pseudo gravity that would have an increase effect on the direction of the branch the further the new branch was spawned, resulting in a fuller tree visual.

It was also an opportunity to learn about optimisations, given that I’m spawning quite a lot of branches, that each needs to grow over time, and spawn the next branch. The simplest optimisation I used was to offset some branches growth to later frames. all of the sudden the grow rate was much smoother, with barely any difference noticeable during the generation.